BUT GUYS LOOK HOW NICE MY ARMS ARE GETTING I’ve been working out in anticipation of summer and like I’m really happy so far
" well i can’t sleep
and i can’t breath
honestly i can’t feel a thing
and it’s not real and it cannot happen now
what if i lose
what if i fall
what if i don’t survive at all
and what if everything i love is taken from me?
what if i reach
what if i grab
what if i hold on with all i have
what if they pry my fingers back
what if they leave me?
will you still be here?
will you still love me?
please don’t answer now
kiss me "
a.c.g. - “maybe this is my SOS”
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What sounds better,

Indiana or Chicago?

Might just make a batch of cinnamon rolls and have six.

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" Stop planting flowers in peoples yards who aren’t going to water them. "
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Happy Earth day